‘Learning Paths School’ provides a safe and child friendly transport system for students. The school has a fleet of Non AC buses catering to students from Chandigarh, Mohali, Kharar, Kurali, Landran, and Zirakpur.

The bus drivers are quite experienced and and also go regular medical check up and training. The School administrative staff conducts training classes and regular medical check up for the bus maids, drivers and conductors with special emphasis on safety and security.

The various bus routes with details of stops/timings are displayed in each campus as ready- reference for parents and students. As per the directions of the Supreme Court of India for School Buses, the following provisions have been made:

  • School Bus” is written on the back and front of the Bus.
  • Every bus has a First-Aid-Box.
  • The window of the bus have been fitted with horizontal grills.
  • Every bus has a fire extinguisher.
  • The School Name and Telephone No. are written on every bus.
  • The doors of the bus have been fitted with reliable locks.
  • Adequate space has been given to keep school bags safely.
  • Every bus has a lady attendant from the school and a conductor.
  • Every driver of the school bus has a valid licence
  • In case of pre-primary students, if an authorized person recognised mutually by the school and parents, does not come to pick the child from the halting point the child is brought back to school and the parents called.
  • Every bus has a GPS system and CCTV cameras. Parents can track the location of the bus through a mobile app.
  • Text messages are sent to parents of all children on a particular route if a bus is delayed for some unavoidable reasons, although strict efforts are made to maintain punctuality.
  • It is ensured that adequate supervision is provided for bus arrivals and departures.

Disclaimer : Learning Paths School, Mohali is not affiliated and/or associated, directly or indirectly with any other school and/or educational institute using the word 'Learning' as a part of its name. Any solicitation or attempt of such association with Learning Paths School by any party is illegal and should be reported at