Lps Business Conclave

In Today’s Scenario Where Times And Issues Have Changed And Affected The Way We Think, Live And Work, A Student’s Experience Of A School Life Can’t Be Left Limited To Purely Academic Activities And Doing Well In The Examination. With An Alarming Increase In Proportion Of Unemployable Graduates Across Majority Of The Industries, It’s High Time That We Realise Sooner Than Later That We Need To Change Drastically The Way We Educate Our Children, Else, We Will Remain In The Business Of Producing Redundant Students. In An Attempt To Connect Senior Secondary School Curriculum With Industry Experience, Learning Paths School Has Initiated An Annual Inter-School Business Congregation, Named As ‘LPS Business Conclave’ – A Platform For Students Wherein They Face Real-Life Challenges By Participating In Variety Of Competitions,Which Help Them To Identify Their Passion And Chalk Out A Path To Achieve Their Goal Of Life. It Also Enables Them To Test Their Creativity, Business Acumen And Entrepreneurial Attitude.

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