Principal Message


Mrs. Vandana Saxena

CBSE Resource Person

M. Sc. (H) Zoology, Hindu College University of Delhi

B.Ed. Central Institute of Education, University of Delhi

Guidance and Counselling Diploma, ICTRC Bangalore

Strategic Leadership for Schools in a Changing Environment, IIM Ahmedabad

Teaching for Understanding, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Project Search Award of Honour, TERI , Principal


Education is a journey of evolution of personalities.

I have dedicated my career to searching for barriers to learning and to addressing them by constantly reviewing and refining the educational process. This pursuit has driven me to find solutions and tools that will enhance the learning experience of low-income group students who come from extremely challenging environments at home. I believe learning happens in a creative and joyful classroom. As a teacher of Sciences, I would research and incorporate interesting and fascinating examples that would capture the imagination of children and make their learning an experiential affair. I have tried to build powerful systems of learning to circumvent the known genetic barriers to performing and strive to identify gaps in the learning environment and fill them with innovative solutions that have shown measurable results for the students.

Being an administrator, my teaching philosophy is inspired by the idea of ‘Samasta Loka Sukhino Bhavantu’ by empowering my teachers with empathy, cooperation and love. I believe these values go beyond any curriculum and connect us deeply at the human level. My endeavor is to be a confidante, a mentor, a leader and a friend to my staff both teachers and administrative. With this overriding philosophy that guides me, I look for ways that lead to pedagogical excellence, creative excellence and human excellence by training, listening and being present for my students and staff.

Through self-reflection and evaluation of my teaching years, I early on realized the importance of music, yoga and art in the overall development of children. I have incorporated these three in a very deep manner in the curriculum. I have used them to create synergies in the mindset of all stakeholders to appreciate and reflect on the power these three possess.

I have strategically worked upon creating a sustainable, green environment at the school and for the same was awarded the Search Impact award by the energy resource institute. For my teaching philosophy is firmly rooted in the Vedantic thought ‘VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM’. Until unless we bring home the message that we live in universal consciousness we cannot change the world we live in.

I believe, we live in a constantly evolving world and we need to adapt ourselves. I heavily invest in the upgradation of my own skill set as well as of my teachers. Teachers are provided ample opportunities and encouragement to learn and upgrade their knowledge base. My guiding four principles for everything I do include academic excellence, creativity and sports and laser focus on human values and character building.

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