An on-going concern of the Learning Paths School is to nurture the growth of teachers, and enable them to engage with both the philosophical aspects as well as pedagogic practices that underpin a holistic education. Our in-house teacher development programme aims at supporting ‘on-the-job’ learning of teachers at the Learning Paths School. In addition the school plans to develop facilities and programmes through which it can reach out to a wider range of schools, teachers and prospective teachers.

Who can be a teacher at Learning Paths School? Our LPS teacher

  • Is passionate about teaching & students; focuses on quality & results
  • Adapts learning to meet individual needs
  • Uses innovative teaching methodology to promote the child’s interest
  • Works in partnership with parents to enhance the learner’s potential
  • Brings in new insights into teaching & improves the learning process
  • Works effectively both as a team member and independently
  • Demonstrates creativity, initiative and resourcefulness
  • Is planned & organized
  • Focuses on self-development in line with global practices
  • Upholds the core values of Learning Paths School

Learning Paths School is a meritocratic institution that offers opportunities to build a valuable and rewarding career. At LPS, your talents are honed, your achievements are recognized, and your contributions are valued. We are constantly on the lookout for bright, ambitious team players who believe in the same values as us. If you are interested, send your résumé to :

Disclaimer : Learning Paths School, Mohali is not affiliated and/or associated, directly or indirectly with any other school and/or educational institute using the word 'Learning' as a part of its name. Any solicitation or attempt of such association with Learning Paths School by any party is illegal and should be reported at