Career & Guidance Cell


Career & Guidance Cell

In today’s dynamic and competitive world where specialization is gaining importance every day, students often find themselves confused as to what they really want to do and where their basic areas of interest lie. Since the students go through various physical and emotional changes during the time when they have to decide on their careers a wrong choice often leads them to leading a frustrated and unsuccessful life.

Consequently, the school organizes various lectures, workshops and seminars for students from class 9 onwards from time to time so that they can understand from specialists in various fields as to what is required for them to reach where they want to be.

Apart from this, at least one career counselling programme a year is held based on the principles of self-analysis, self-development, and career exploration in the right direction. Career guidance is provided to students to support choices in various fields which enable them to make appropriate decisions relating to their future. Specific information and guidance is provided to Parents too relating to subject choices, and possible career paths.

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