Inter House Business Conclave

Posted date :03 Mar, 2020
Learning Path

The first edition of Inter-House Business Conclave was held at Learning Paths School, Mohali . It was an attempt to bring together the creative acumen of young minds and unleash their innovative and entrepreneurial potential and test their business sense, awareness, skills and attitude. The students of classes IX,X, XI and XII from all the four houses i.e Agni House, Aakash House, Jal House and Prithvi House participated in a variety of challenging competitions like Lets Start Up (Business Plan Competition), WorQ (Business Quiz), IntellecView (POV Paper presentation),Jal Jagran (Skit Competition), Tol Mol Ke Bol(Infomercial), Express to Impress (Commercial Video), ADVAD (AD Poster Making), Corporate Roadies (Workplace Skills Competition), Business Titan Challenge (An online Business Strategy Simulation Game). Jal House bagged the overall winner trophy. It was a great learning experience for the students.

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