Winners in Satyan Innovation Fest 2019

Posted date :10 May, 2019
Learning Path

The Satyan Innovation Fest (SIF) 2019 was organised by Sat Paul Mittal School, Ludhiana. The SIF 2019 was conceived to bring out the intrinsic qualities of critical thinking, communication, connect and creativity embedded in the youth of today. Vidhushi Daga, CEO, Clone Futura and Whiz Juniors and Deeksha Kalra, Director, Inquisitive Mag, were the guests of honour. They emphasised the need for constant change, powered by unwavering resilience, to excel. They said the need of the hour was to combine innovation and entrepreneurship with technology to create a better society.

Satyan Innovation Fest comprised of two competitions, Startup Edge and Gamefication. More than 20 schools and approximately 200 students participated in these competitions from all over North. Multiple workshops were organised by Adobe, Microsoft, AFS, and World Youth Council for the students, mentors and educators with regard to latest learning and teaching aids and insight into the digital marketing and other nuances of business world.

In start-up challenge, the award for Best Start-Up was bagged by the team of Aditya Mandal, Sahib Sharma, Rajvi Malhotra and Kunal Kakkar of Learning Paths School.

In the Gamification challenge, the team of Learning Paths School (Aditya Arora, Nimish Chhabra, Tejas Shandilya and Ishaan Dogra) was given the award of ‘Best Team in Communication.’

In Adobe Digital Disha Competition, Aditya Arora and Ishaan Dogra of Learning Paths School bagged the IIIrd position.

Overall, this fest was a great experience for students, mentors and educators whose learnings will be everlasting.

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