Posted date :18 Sep, 2023
Learning Path

Guest Lecture by Ms. Ritu Singal

The intricacies of converting an idea into a full-fledged successful enterprise by fighting all odds was the focus of the guest lecture organised at Learning Paths School, Mohali on May, 13 for the students of classes XI and XII.The resource person was Ms. Ritu Singal, L.L.M. Gold Medalist and recipient of prestigious award of “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2011” for Leaders of Tomorrow Awards by Economic Times now Pan India, Managing Director of Raglan Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

To begin with, she gave insights on entrepreneurship to the aspiring entrepreneurs (students) and encouraged them  to challenge their assumptions, believe in themselves  and push themselves to be the best leader that they can possibly be.She also shared her own journey of chartering unknown territories unabashedly and fearlessly as an entrepreneur and how she carved a niche for herself in a man’s world convincingly. Ms. Ritu further stated that in order to do well in life as well as in business one should try to inspire everyone around through good conduct hard work and success while following ethical values in today’s unethical business environment. She also quoted that the pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow.

While exclusively addressing and motivating all the girls she asked them not to succumb to social pressures and step out to prove their mantle in the professional world.

In the end ,she laid emphasis on the role that indomitable courage and high ethical values play in becoming a successful entrepreneur. It wan an inspirational, informative and eye-opening session in ways that can help the students to become better professionals and even better human beings.

 Guest Lecture by Mr Naman Kumar Arora – Renowned Chef and Entrepreneur

A guest lecture was organised for the students of classes XI and XII of Learning Paths School,Mohali in order to inspire them to become innovative change makers and effective entrepreneurs.The resource person was the renowned Chef and Entrepreneur Mr Naman Kumar Arora.The primary objective of the session was to help students (budding entrepreneurs) how to put their ideas into action, bring an attitudinal change and build their entrepreneurial skills.

Mr. Naman initiated the talk by making the students understand the process, challenges, risks involved and rewards of starting up a new scalable venture and also equipped them with the tools required to start one’s own business.He further stated that the road to entrepreneurial success is long, winding ,strewn with pitfalls, obstacles and blind turns but one should always remember that rewards commensurate with risk.

While giving tips for successful entrepreneurship Mr Naman also threw light on the must-have traits to ensure the success of any business . Additionally, he shared his success story and real-life experiences to motivate the students for their entrepreneurial journey in future.

In the end, Mr Naman, being part of the food service industry,  briefed students about its growth ,innovation and progression over the past several years and made the students aware of the scope of business in the food service industry in future. Overall it was a great learning experience for the students.

Guest lecture by Ms. Tajinder Kaur Bhullar

A guest lecture was organised for the students of classes XI and XII of Learning Paths School, Mohali those who are passionate about serving the nation and wish to contribute towards maintaining national peace by joining defense forces.The resource person was Ms.Tajinder Kaur Bhullar. She initiated the talk by providing the glimpse of life in Indian Army and role of Indian Army in nation building. The students were also briefed about various openings in the Army.

While encouraging them to join defence services, Ms. Bhullar told the students that apart from safeguarding the security of the nation, they also get to enjoy the privileges of joining the Army such as decent salary, job security, and respect in society, and after retirement benefits.

She also explained the procedure of writing exams such as TES (Technical Entry Scheme), National Defence Academy and Officers’ Training Academy (OTA). She also threw light on the details of the selection procedure for both men and women and advised the students to apply for Indian Armed Forces after their class X or XII, in order to become alumni of reputed defence institutes. Overall it was an inspiring session.

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