Science Program at Learning Paths School

Posted date :14 Sep, 2023
Learning Path

Learning Paths School’s science program offers a unique value proposition for students in which the hybrid classes, limited student intake, doubt clearance sessions, 1-1 mentoring allows for a personalised education experience. The program allows the students to simultaneously study for CBSE and other competitive examinations (at any palace of their choice) without compromising on attendance and a complete school experience. The schools hold a view that engineering and medical education offers multiple paths including studying for IIT and/or NEET.

Details are as follows:

  1. Online environment – The school is using Google workspace for education as an online learning platform. Google workspace will be used even after the physical classes begin as it delivers a personalised form of education. 
  1. Hybrid Program – The school plans to run its science classes in a hybrid manner (part online\part physical) after this pandemic is over. This will allow students to focus on their preparation for competitive examinations as well as CBSE examinations. The school does not encourage dummy culture which in turn restricts students to limited awareness of career options in engineering and medical sciences.
  1. Excellent teachers – The school has excellent teachers to manage science and all other classes. All of them have a long experience in teaching in competitive examinations and CBSE. Moreover, they are certified by google for teaching in an online environment. 
  1. Scholarships – Merit-based scholarships for all students based on their performance in Class 10 board exams.
  1. Science Projects – The school actively encourages students to take part in various science competitions.  The students of LPS have an excellent track record in winning prizes at CBSE Science Competitions, INSPIRE, Child Science Congress,  Innoventure Google Science Fair, Young Researcher’s program in collaboration with Shoolini University etc. 
  1. Student Activities –  Regular motivations lectures, team-building exercises and workshops by industry professionals – all the activities that allow for a complete education of the child.
  1. Guidance Program – The School has an in-house career counsellor who advises students in different competitive exams and colleges – both in India and abroad and offers a personalised path to a college of student’s choice.
  1. Content & Study Material – The study material and content is so designed that it is perfectly aligned with boards and other external exams.
  1. Alumni – The alumni of the school is already studying in various prestigious colleges like IIT, Yale University, Delhi College of Engineering, Christ Church College and more.
  1. State of the art infrastructure – IT-enabled classrooms that allow beaming from the classroom, Well equipped labs, safe and secure environment and more !!!

Please contact our staff at or call us at 9779445989 for more information.

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