Education to Profession | Managing the transition

Posted date :30 Apr, 2017
Learning Path

For almost a decade now, there is enough public discourse on the need to enmesh classroom education with working world – to ensure that graduates who emerge from our academic systems are deemed essentially employable. This integration is need of the hour for Indian industry to receive professionals well-endowed and empowered enough to offer new dimensional work culture and for the latter to find their professional journeys satisfying and purposeful.  However, it is a daunting task to achieve this kind of integration as discussed above. Most importantly, the how and why of this integration process is needed to be streamlined first.  At the same time, there is an increasing acceptance, across the world, that school years offer the best stage for initiating the future professional – the present day student, towards integrated thinking.

Learning Paths School Mohali (LPS) organizes a seminar on’ Education to Profession’ – a first of its kind initiative in the country on managing the transition from education to profession especially through the high school years.

Renowned panel of speakers from the industry are invited and participants are engaged on the nuances of intersection of education and profession and a transition that exists at this intersection, which needs to be actively managed. The seminar illuminates the flexible nature of present day industry and the opportunities it offers for the Commerce and Humanities professionals – the most pertinent being academic qualifications barely restrict options and that most doors to success are open despite commitments one may have already made to academic disciplines. Around 150 – 250 students and parents participate in this seminar every year. The audience and speakers hold an active interaction on interests, academic disciplines and professional pathways.

Mr Vivek Atray , Ex IAS, Author & Motivation Speaker ;  Mr. Vinu Warrier, Founder eduVelocity; Mr. Venkat Matoory, CEO JA India and Senior Director India Enterprise Network, JA Worldwide ( from Left to Right) ; Mrs Komal Singh – Principal

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